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6:1 My son1121, if thou be surety6148 for thy friend7453, {if} thou hast stricken8628 thy hand3709 with a stranger2114,
6:2 Thou art snared3369 with the words0561 of thy mouth6310, thou art taken3920 with the words0561 of thy mouth6310.
6:3 Do6213 this now0645, my son1121, and deliver5337 thyself, when thou art come0935 into the hand3709 of thy friend7453; go3212, humble7511 thyself, and make sure7292 thy friend7453.
6:4 Give5414 not sleep8142 to thine eyes5869, nor slumber8572 to thine eyelids6079.
6:5 Deliver5337 thyself as a roe6643 from the hand3027 {of the hunter}, and as a bird6833 from the hand3027 of the fowler3353.
6:6 Go3212 to the ant5244, thou sluggard6102; consider7200 her ways1870, and be wise2449:
6:7 Which having no guide7101, overseer7860, or ruler4910,
6:8 Provideth3559 her meat3899 in the summer7019, {and} gathereth0103 her food3978 in the harvest7105.
6:9 How long wilt thou sleep7901, O sluggard6102? when wilt thou arise6965 out of thy sleep8142?
6:10 {Yet} a little4592 sleep8142, a little4592 slumber8572, a little4592 folding2264 of the hands3027 to sleep7901:
6:11 So shall thy poverty7389 come0935 as one that travelleth1980, and thy want4270 as an armed4043 man0376.
6:12 A naughty1100 person0120, a wicked0205 man0376, walketh1980 with a froward6143 mouth6310.
6:13 He winketh7169 with his eyes5869, he speaketh4448 with his feet7272, he teacheth3384 with his fingers0676;
6:14 Frowardness8419 {is} in his heart3820, he deviseth2790 mischief7451 continually6256; he soweth7971 discord4066-4090.
6:15 Therefore shall his calamity0343 come0935 suddenly6597; suddenly6621 shall he be broken7665 without remedy4832.
6:16 These six8337 {things} doth the LORD3068 hate8130: yea, seven7651 {are} an abomination8441 unto him5315:
6:17 A proud7311 look5869, a lying8267 tongue3956, and hands3027 that shed8210 innocent5355 blood1818,
6:18 An heart3820 that deviseth2790 wicked0205 imaginations4284, feet7272 that be swift4116 in running7323 to mischief7451,
6:19 A false8267 witness5707 {that} speaketh6315 lies3577, and he that soweth7971 discord4090 among brethren0251.
6:20 My son1121, keep5341 thy father's0001 commandment4687, and forsake5203 not the law8451 of thy mother0517:
6:21 Bind7194 them continually8548 upon thine heart3820, {and} tie6029 them about thy neck1621.
6:22 When thou goest1980, it shall lead5148 thee; when thou sleepest7901, it shall keep8104 thee; and {when} thou awakest6974, it shall talk7878 with thee.
6:23 For the commandment4687 {is} a lamp5216; and the law8451 {is} light0216; and reproofs8433 of instruction4148 {are} the way1870 of life2416:
6:24 To keep8104 thee from the evil7451 woman0802, from the flattery2513 of the tongue3956 of a strange woman5237.
6:25 Lust2530 not after her beauty3308 in thine heart3824; neither let her take3947 thee with her eyelids6079.
6:26 For by means of1157 a whorish2181 woman0802 {a man is brought} to a piece3603 of bread3899: and the adulteress0802-0376 will hunt6679 for the precious3368 life5315.
6:27 Can a man0376 take2846 fire0784 in his bosom2436, and his clothes0899 not be burned8313?
6:28 Can one0376 go1980 upon hot coals1513, and his feet7272 not be burned3554?
6:29 So he that goeth in0935 to his neighbour's7453 wife0802; whosoever toucheth5060 her shall not be innocent5352.
6:30 {Men} do not despise0936 a thief1590, if he steal1589 to satisfy4390 his soul5315 when he is hungry7456;
6:31 But {if} he be found4672, he shall restore7999 sevenfold7659; he shall give5414 all the substance1952 of his house1004.
6:32 {But} whoso committeth adultery5003 with a woman0802 lacketh2638 understanding3820: he {that} doeth6213 it destroyeth7843 his own soul5315.
6:33 A wound5061 and dishonour7036 shall he get4672; and his reproach2781 shall not be wiped away4229.
6:34 For jealousy7068 {is} the rage2534 of a man1397: therefore he will not spare2550 in the day3117 of vengeance5359.
6:35 He will not regard5375-6440 any ransom3724; neither will he rest content0014, though thou givest many7235 gifts7810.

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